CAP Reform Beyond 2013: An Idea for a Longer View

A Notre Europe led expert group, which included former Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler, published this paper in May 2008 in which they make a critical assessment of the success of the CAP since the early 1990s, and put forward a range of proposals to enhance its legitimacy in the future.

The authors review the changes to the CAP since the MacSharry reform, discussing such issues as the efficiency of the CAP in supporting farm incomes and the environmental record of the policy. The need to maintain the relevance of a common policy in light of shifting societal demands and market circumstances is highlighted in a more detailed contextual analysis of the CAP since 2003. The authors also propose that the present direct payment system is converted into a general contractual scheme, which includes three layers of payments paid according to the provision of 'environmental services' .

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29 Oct 2008


Notre Europe