What’s the Best Way to Prepare the CAP of the Future?

The French Presidency issued a discussion paper to Member States in preparation for the informal council of EU farm ministers held in Annecy, France, between 21 and 23 September. The paper, entitled ‘What’s the best way to prepare the CAP of the future?’ , sets out the future challenges facing agriculture, namely a ‘food challenge’, an ‘environmental challenge’ and those relating to rural areas. This leads to four objectives for the CAP. The first is to assure EU food security and food safety, the second is to contribute to global food balances, the third is to maintain the diversity and viability of rural areas and the fourth is to improve the environment and contribute to the fight against climate change. Four broad questions are also posed about the nature of the policy instruments needed to deliver these objectives.

The English (top) and French versions can be downloaded on the right.

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20 Nov 2008


French Presidency of the EU