Future of the Agricultural Policy in the Light of the European Union Budget Review in 2008/9 – Material for Discussion

This discussion paper, published in February 2007, by the Polish government's Office of the Committee of European Integration, presents various scenarios for changes to the CAP from 2013. Whilst it reflects the authors' personal views and does not provide an official position, strong conclusions are drawn regarding the need to continue providing basic income support in the form of Pillar 1 direct payments and to ensure that any reductions in direct payments should be compensated by an expansion of the competitiveness measures provided by Pillar 2. In developing one scenario the authors do state that Pillar 2 could be used ‘to “pay” farmers for the public goods they produce after 2013', although this statement does not explicitly feed through to their conclusions and recommendations.

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21 Nov 2008


Office of the Committee of European Integration (Poland)