The Future of the CAP after 2013

The report is the product of the discussions which took place at the informal meeting of Agriculture ministers held in Annecy on 23 September 2008. UK, Sweden and Latvia were unable to agree to the text, when it was presented for adoption as 'Council Conclusions' at the 28 November 2008 Agriculture Council. Given the failure to reach unanimous agreement, the paper was given the status of Presidency rather than Council conclusions. As such it carries no political weight and therefore cannot act as an official basis for future discussions.

It appears that the UK and Sweden took issue with the statement that ‘it is necessary for the European Union to continue to have after 2013 a common and sufficiently ambitious agricultural policy’. Whilst these two countries, which occupy the more progressive end of the reform spectrum, are likely to have agreed to some of the additional objectives - namely to ‘ensure agricultural sustainability’ and to ‘reward public goods delivered by agriculture’ - this statement would seem to imply signing up to a business as usual approach to reform, and thus to limit the possibility for a reform that more fundamentally challenges the scope of EU agricultural policy.

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29 Nov 2008


French Presidency of the EU