Food Security

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The recent increase in food prices continues to be a high profile issue in the popular media. An emotive and highly politicised debate has developed, and the transition of focus from food prices to food security has been swift. High profile events, such as the ‘Qui va nourrir le monde?’ conference organised by the French Presidency of the EU and the European Parliament in July 2008, serve to underline the importance the issue is assuming. Notably, the CAP has been portrayed by some - rightly or wrongly - for the role it can play in contributing to European food security.

There is an important need to analyse more objectively the nature of the issue, the terms of debate and the appropriate European response. We invite you to submit your views.

You may wish to consider the following:

  • Is food security a threat to Europe?
  • What profile does the issue have in your country? Do national perspectives differ?
  • In a global context, what is Europe’s responsibility to other parts of the world where food security may be a concern?
  • What is the appropriate policy response for the EU? What is its justification?
  • What are the potential environmental consequences of an EU policy response which targets food security?
  • Could food security rhetoric lead to a polarisation of intensive and marginal agricultural production systems in Europe? What would be the environmental, social and economic consequences?
  • What are the relative merits of amending trade policy (especially in the context of the Doha Round), providing development aid to foreign countries where food shortages are a recurring problem and using the CAP in order to respond to global concerns regarding the equity of accessibility to food?

Please do not feel bound by these questions. If there are other key questions that you feel need addressing, then please feel free to do so.

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07 Nov 2008