BirdLife State that the Real “Food Security” Issue is to Conserve Natural Resources

BirdLife has published a new paper - “Food security, climate change & biodiversity” - to coincide with the first meeting of the G8 agriculture ministers, which draws to a close today with the expected publication of a joint declaration on food security.

The paper reviews the relationship between food security, climate change and biodiversity. It attempts to dispel the arguments put forward by some interest groups that last year's 'food crisis' presents a case for the EU to increase food production. It is argued that the EU should focus its efforts on supporting forms of food production that are sustainable in the long term, both within Europe and in developing countries. BirdLife state that conserving soil, water and biodiversity resources, maintaining healthy agro-ecosystems, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock sector are key to maintaining EU agricultural productivity and long-term food security.

More information can be found here.

The report can be downloaded here (pdf).

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20 Apr 2009