Public Debate Launched on the CAP

Mr. Ciolos seems keen to extend the debate on the future of the CAP beyond the domain of experts to engage the views of all stakeholders. He has made it clear that ‘European agricultural policy is not the exclusive preserve of farmers. All of society benefits from the CAP through food, land-use management, the environment’.

In setting up the new website, he intends to open the debate as widely as possible, seeking views from all those working in the field of agriculture and rural development, including farmers, environmental groups, consumers and animal welfare groups. To inform the Commission’s thinking, the website poses four questions:

  1. Why do we need a European Common Agricultural Policy?
  2. What are society’s objectives for agriculture in all its diversity?
  3. Why should we reform the current CAP and how can we make it meet society’s expectations?
  4. What tools do we need for tomorrow’s CAP?

It is intended that the public debate will continue until June and an independent body will then produce a summary of all the contributions that have been received. In July, the European Commission will organise a conference to discuss the issues raised by the debate, it is expected this will take place around 19-20 July. The views will then be taken into account as the Commission produces its proposals for the future of the CAP in the form of a Communication, due to be published by October or November at the earliest. Following this, legislative proposals are expected by mid 2011.

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10 May 2010




The Institute for European Environmental Policy coordinates CAP2020. It is an independent not for profit institute which undertakes research in a number of policy areas including agriculture and rural development.