“Visions and Design”: Securing a CAP for the Future

There has been much debate on the extent to which "payments for environmental goods and services provide a robust rationale for a future CAP". In the context of a post 2013 CAP, the conference managed to address the following questions:

  • What are the land use challenges in relation to food, climate and environment in Europe?
  • What does the public goods agenda mean?
  • How could it be implemented?
  • How far is it relevant to the future of direct payments?
  • Does it contribute to income stability?
  • Is it an agenda around which a wide coalition could be built?
  • What are the implications for the size of a future CAP budget?

Along with an intervention from Mr Anastassios Haniotis (whose presentation can be found here), representing DG Agriculture, the Conference included five key presentations:


ntroduction: The CAP Old and NewI - David Baldock, IEEP

Europe’s Future Land Use Challenge: Food, Climate and Environment – Dr. Tamsin Cooper, IEEP

The Future of Direct Payments under a New CAP - Professor Jean?Christophe Bureau, INRA

Public Goods from Private Land – Dr. Corrado Pirzio-Biroli (RISE Foundation)


Proposal for a New CAP - Meeting the Environmental and Food Challenges of the Future (A common Vision of 5 NGOS, Birdlife International, EEB, WWF, IFOAM, EFNCP) - Ariel Brunner, BirdLife International


Invited respondents commented on the presentations, with an opportunity for conference participants to contribute to the debate.

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