UK Climate Committee Report Notes Importance of Agriculture in Emissions Reductions

Meeting Carbon Budgets – ensuring a low-carbon recovery is the UK Climate Change Committee’s 2nd progress report. Within this report they assess the latest emissions data and determine whether emissions reductions have occurred as a result of the recession, or, as a result of other external factors. Over the last year an 8.6% reduction in emissions was achieved, however the report suggests that up to 6% of these may be attributable to the recession, raising questions as to how far on track the UK are towards meeting their emissions targets.

The Government’s progress towards achieving emissions reductions is assessed in 4 key areas: Power Buildings Industry Transport Agriculture

The report notes that in the UK emissions from agriculture in 2008 fell by around 1% in 2008, and goes on to present an updated analysis of emissions reduction opportunities within the agricultural sector.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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01 Jul 2010




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