Friends of the Earth Consider Resource Use and the CAP

Last month, Friends of the Earth Europe organised a conference in the European Parliament on ‘Measuring Europe’s Resource Use: A vital tool in creating a resource efficient EU’, hosted by Sirpa Pietikainen MEP and Chris Davies MEP.

A full write up from this event is now available and can be viewed here.

Discussion around resource use, the CAP and biodiversity raised key questions including:

  • How the impacts on global land and water use might differ under various CAP reform options and how these may impact figures and change the debate?
  • How can we help farmers reduce their impacts by measuring their use of resources?
  • If the economy becomes bio-based, what will this mean for our impact on biodiversity?

It was concluded by one speaker that to answer these questions we need more information. However, it was noted that policy making at all levels can be improved by a consideration of the impacts of our decisions on our resource use.

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26 Jul 2010




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