Greening the CAP

As a contribution to the debate on the design of the future CAP, IEEP has produced a paper that sets out a series of conditions that the European Commission’s proposals for ‘greening’ Pillar 1 need to meet if a substantive ‘greening’ is to be achieved in practice in order to deliver their objective of improving environmental outcomes across most of the EU farmed landscape.

The paper argues that if these conditions are not met, the Commission’s claim that the delivery of environmental public goods is to become an increasingly central purpose of CAP support will be brought into question and that ultimately this could undermine the overall legitimacy of the CAP. It concludes that, with the CAP budget set to decline in real terms to 2020, if a strong ‘green’ component was not achieved within Pillar 1 and there were to be no additional funds for environmental delivery within Pillar 2 this would represent a serious backwards step in the progress that has been achieved in making European agriculture more environmentally sustainable over the past 20 years.

The paper can be downloaded here: Greening the CAP: Delivering environmental outcomes through PIllar 1.

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29 Jul 2011