LEAF guidance for ‘Simply Sustainable Water’

LEAF has produced a short guidance document outlining six simple steps for producers on the sustainable management of water. Although the guidance targets UK producers, the six steps are also relevant to producers beyond the UK.

The six simple steps are summarised below:

  1. Water saving: This first step highlights both the environmental and economic potential of reducing, reusing and recycling water.
  2. Protecting your water sources: With reference to the LEAF Audit management tool, LEAF urges producers to take a fully integrated approach to farming and adopt land management options that support healthy water bodies.
  3. Soil management: Ensure that soil holding capacity is optimised by improving soil organic content and cultivating appropriate crops. It also notes the importance of regular monitoring of soil management practices.
  4. Drainage: LEAF maintains that improved drainage can not only avoid run off and water logging but that it can also improve yields. In addition to improved drainage it suggests adopting certain land management practices to loosen soil compaction and increase soil permeability.
  5. Tracking your water use: LEAF has designed a water management tool to help monitor water management through mapping and record keeping.
  6. Water availability and sunshine hours: Also via the LEAF water management tool, the guidance stresses the importance of taking rainfall patterns and sunshine hours into consideration.

The guidance, Simply Sustainable Water, is available on line: in addition to offering more detail, it includes case study examples and links for further information.

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12 Feb 2013