February 2009

CAP Reform Profile - Greece


A review of the Greek position on the future of the CAP is now available. Written for CAP2020, the authors of the review suggest the Greek government strongly supports a policy that provides for the security and stability of its agricultural population, many of whom are small-scale family farmers.

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LFA Review - Proposals Becoming Clearer?

IEEP, 18 FEB 2009

The Commission is expected to present its plans for the future of the Less Favoured Area (LFA) measure in a Communication due to be published in April 2009. An oral statement provided by a senior Commission official to the UK House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union provides further information on the likely content of the proposal.

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Making Sense of the New Lexicon of CAP Reform: EU Presidency, Government and Stakeholder Inputs to the CAP Reform Debate

IEEP, 04 FEB 2009

In this IEEP CAP2020 Policy Briefing, we examine the ways in which the CAP reform debate is being shaped by the EU Presidency, government and stakeholders in a range of reports, vision documents and think pieces. There is a broad consensus that the CAP should be reformed, however, there are differences in the arguments being mobilised to underpin the case for further reform. In particular, we examine the value of some of the concepts introduced by these documents - such as ‘public goods’ - for providing legitimate and operational objectives for a post-2013 CAP.

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